KNC Media Group, founded in March 2020. The Parent Company of our multimedia group. Let me give you some history.

Founded six years ago, K.I.M.'s List which stands for ‘Kids in Mind’ is an online and year-round comprehensive directory providing youth recreation, education, products, and services including child development, school holiday camps, online educational resources, workshops, training, and general parenting advice.

Then in March 2020, we acquired the Bermuda Parent Magazine, which is published quarterly and is a leader in its industry. It has provided Bermuda’s families with informative and timely information and features on issues such as childcare, family life, education, adolescence, parenthood, and health since 2012.

Now, as we merge the brands, to the Bermuda Parent Brand. The new platforms are designed to help those businesses who support us to reach a wider audience as they will now be seen by both our online users and print readership via our multi-platforms. So it is our aim to make sure our advertisers receive more ‘bang for their buck’ through the bundle of products we can now offer.

Company Chart

  • KNC Media Group (Parent Company)
  • Bermuda Parent Group
    • 1. Bermuda Parent Magazine (bpMAGAZINE)
      • a. Print
      • b. Digital
      • c. Mobile
      • d. Web
    • 2. Bermuda Parent Listings (bpLISTINGS) - Directory
    • 3. Bermuda Parent Shop (bpSHOP) - Ecommerce
    • 4. Bermuda Parent Jobs (bpJOBS) - Jobs
    • 5. Bermuda Parent Learning (bpLEARNING) - Learning for Parents, Caregivers and Educators
    • 6. Bermuda Parent Network (bpNETWORK) - Private Social Site
    • 7. MY Bermuda Parent (MYbp) - Archives